Pilates Ultimate Travel Workout to Balance Fitness


A great travel workout is useful for staying in touch with your body when you are not at home. While more than 50% of Americans report dedicating their fitness time to their vacations or business trips, it is often difficult to take the time to do this much-needed exercise. You may feel like you are getting in the way of family activities, exploring your destination, or having fun.

However, at Lindywell, we believe that you can always create a balance, and in this matter, Pilates makes that possible.

Staying in tune with Pilates when traveling can help you show up even stronger for your family, stay energetic for grueling visits, ease the pain of traveling and give your mental clarity a boost.

Whether you’re new to this style of exercise or you already like it, here’s why you shouldn’t neglect Pilates for your travel workout. Be sure to check out The Standing Pilates workout below so that you can also try it on your next trip.

Why Pilates and travel go hand in hand

If you’re looking to make time for mindful exercise when traveling, Pilates is a great Option — and here are just a few of the many reasons why:

Pilates rejuvenates your body and mind. With an emphasis on the mind-body connection, this type of exercise trains your body while giving you the opportunity to nourish your mental health, which we often need the most when we travel.

You don’t need to find a local Pilates Studio or rearrange your day according to a studio schedule to take advantage of this form of exercise for your travel workouts. Instead, do Pilates in your hotel room or rental! You will always get a great workout and invigorate your mind for a full day of fun.

No equipment is needed to strengthen and stretch your entire body, from the arms and legs to the neck and trunk. (Or to support the stiff neck on a lumpy hotel pillow after a night out!) You can even use a hotel towel for your carpet if that’s all you have.

It is easy to access hundreds of workouts that can be performed almost anywhere directly in the Lindywell app. Our travel day workout and our fast and energetic travel workout are member favorites and all of our standing workouts are perfect for exercising on the road.

Workouts can only be done for 10 minutes while being effective. You don’t have to spend an hour doing Pilates to give your mind and body what it needs.

A standing Pilates travel training for each destination

Standing workouts are great for traveling, because they don’t require a lot of space — or equipment — to do it. Use this Pilates workout to connect with your mind and energize your body in just 10 minutes so you can spend the rest of your day exploring, relaxing and having fun.

Start with the breath

Take a few strokes to inhale and exhale deeply, find your balance and anchor your feet to the ground. Use this time to activate your abdominal muscles, straighten your posture and focus on the present Moment. These few moments of intentional mindfulness help you connect with yourself and the practice, which in turn makes you more enjoyable and effective.

From this standing position, you will relax in 4 to 5 unrolls to warm up the body. To do this, bend your upper body as far forward as possible, leaving your arms straight towards your feet, then stand up with your spine High, shoulders back, trunk straight and pelvis raised.

Once finished, Transition Into 6 to 7 calf lifts, or what we call in Pilates, prancing. Shift your weight from your heels to the soles of your feet while maintaining that firm core and upright posture.

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