Eat to Cultivate Radical Self Love


To practice Radical self-love is to live life in a way that honors your worth, your frugality, and your inherent right to happiness here and now, as they are.

That’s easier said than done in a world full of diets, quick fixes and perfectly filtered faces. You may feel like there is always something you can do better or somewhere you are failing in life.

Food is a particularly difficult area when it comes to practicing Radical self-love. It is often filled with expectations about what is “healthy” or what your food choices say about you. On the other hand, it is also an ideal way to fuel your Radical self-love.

In my journey to embody a healthier relationship with food, The mindset of Grace over guilt that helps create more self-love has changed everything for me. I went into the cycle of feeling bad for what I ate, and then making sure to exercise more to burn it off (punishment, disguised as a workout). Or I would action for making decisions that did not correspond to the “perfect” diet that I wanted to follow.

When I started to put grace above guilt, I began to understand that a meal or a night of “excessive consumption” did not define me as a person or my health! I was able to free myself from the patterns that kept me trapped in an unhealthy relationship with food and myself.

Guilt does not work as a motivator – it leads to feelings of shame that hold us back and prevent us from freedom and self-love.

So, if you are ready to free yourself and love yourself more fully, let’s flip the script, rewrite the narrative and explain how you can create more self-compassion with food.

Eat consciously

Eating can be a pleasant experience-if you are conscious of doing so. Oddly enough, it’s often because you don’t really pay attention to your food while you’re eating it. I am the first to admit that I often breathe my lunch while working on my computer or standing at the kitchen counter trying to get my children ready for school. I forget to take a break and I really enjoy the food!

Conscious eating is the opposite of that. It is the practice of being present with yourself, your food and the experience at every meal. It’s about enjoying every bite, regardless of the food.

How to eat consciously

Because Radical self-love is about claiming the joy that belongs to you and choosing to eat mindfully. Consciously enjoying food and appreciating the way food nourishes your body can be the perfect way to bring more self-compassion into your world. Bring this concept to your meals with these three simple steps:

Stop and eat. This is the most important step. It is difficult to eat consciously when you are focused on driving or working. I have made it a habit to take a break every night before dinner to take a few slow and deep breaths. I usually hurry to bring food to the table and negotiate with four children to make their family contributions (set the table, pour water, etc.).) so if I get to my food and I don’t take a break and I deliberately breathe to reset my nervous system, I will eat in this rushed and overstimulated state.

Tune in to your sensations. What is the texture of the food? Can you describe the taste? If you continue to eat, tune in to your satiety and satiety so that you can stop when your hunger has decreased.
Express gratitude. Align yourself with the feeling of gratitude as you chew each bite. What are you grateful for in this food? Keep this gratitude in your heart while you enjoy the meal from start to finish.

When used regularly, this mindfulness can extend to other areas of your life, making it easier to become mindful when spending time with loved ones or moving your body. Being in the present is just another way to experience radical self-love in all areas of your life.

Let go of “good”and “bad”

This is another persistent habit of living in a world consumed by food culture. You may have learned or simply learned by listening to others and observing that some foods are “good” while others are “bad”.”I don’t even need to say which foods are which, because you probably already have your own lists.

One way to encourage Radical self-love with food is to leave this rating system. Instead, let all foods have a place in your life. Everything from a bowl of cereal to a cookie or a vegetable stir-fry can be enjoyable, nourishing and supportive in different ways.

One day you might choose chicken noodle soup, because it feeds your soul in winter. The next day, you can opt for a Cupcake because it tastes good. And after in the week, you might have a salad because you’re craving fresh produce.

There is no such thing as “perfect” in the choice of food. It’s just about loving yourself and honoring your desires.

Fill your life with Radical self-love

Food is a great tool for practicing and encouraging Radical self-love. Learning to create more self-love around food has also been an important part of my journey, which is why I know that making these changes in your life can be so helpful. Use these ideas to connect more deeply to your intuitive desires, learn to trust yourself and finally to see all foods for what they are: an opportunity to nourish, love and take care of yourself, no matter what you dream of.

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